Thursday, January 23, 2020

Autograph Central presents: The Address Book™

The Autograph Central Celebrity Address Database — aka the Address Book™ —  will arrive later in 2012 with lots of interactivity to aid with your through-the-mail autograph requests.

Due to the massive build of the database and its myriad of features, we do not yet have a specific date set for its launch. We're currently in the design phase to outline all of the features and capability for our programmer to build. In the coming months, we will be looking for a select group of people to help us beta test the entire thing. Keep your eyes on this page for more information

In the meantime, please let us know what you'd like to be able to do with the database, by discussing it in our forums. We will be keeping an eye on the threads there and potentially adding in YOUR suggestions!

Important Notice

Addresses provided at Autograph Central are for REFERENCE PURPOSES only. They are offered here only as a resource to help collectors obtain signatures for their collections. Autograph Central assumes no responsibility whatsoever for misuse of these addresses. Addresses are in the public domain, and cannot be copyrighted.

Be polite—do not go to a celebrity’s home in an attempt to get an autograph. Chances are, you will be arrested for harassment, trespassing, stalking or worse. Remember that a celebrity is a person, just like you and me, and they enjoy their privacy.

When writing, ALWAYS include a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate return postage.

If you are a celebrity, or celebrity’s agent/representative and have a preferred address for that celebrity, please send a note on your COMPANY LETTERHEAD to Autograph Central, 14026 E. Radcliff Cir., Aurora, CO 80015. We will make every attempt to correct the address as soon as possible, after a verification.

Addresses come from a variety of sources. Because celebrities move, change agents, or get new addresses, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any addresses listed here.

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